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Season One, Episode Two
Air date January 25, 2009
Written by Diablo Cody
Directed by Craig Gillespie
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The episode opens to Tara on camera again explaining her annoyed feelings about the alters. The family has a meeting about what happened in the previous episode while she wasn't herself. She isn't used to the alters because she had just gotten off her medicine that kept them away. While doing the laundry, she finds Marshall's sheets smell like urine.

Marshall shares a problem with his English teacher. He thinks on a higher level about a novel and sees an erotic meaning to it, which upsets the teacher. Their conversation is interrupted by Kate yelling profanities. Marshall only wants his dad to go talk to his teacher, which makes Tara feel rejected by her family.

While shopping with Charmaine , Tara runs into parents from the kids' school. They say they never expected her to contribute to the bake sale due to her DID, which upsets Tara and makes her transition intoAlice. Alice shows up to the meeting with Marshall's teacher and successfully changes his mind by ridiculing how he was treated in high school. Out to dinner at the fictional restaurant Barnabeez, Alice upsetsKate by not being Tara. Kate purposefully upsetsAlice in the bathroom where she washes her mouth out with soap.

The commotion is overheard by Max , who comforts Alice . Kate , upset and needing a break from home, applies for a job at Barnabeez.Max later talks to Kate at home and shows a photo album Alice made for her, which makes her better, but sad about her mom's DID. The episode ends with Alice trying to get intimate with Max , with the idea of a baby in mind. She thinks the IUD Tara has won't work since she doesn't believe in them. Max refuses, and they both go to sleep.

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