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Beverly Craine
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance - Transition
Last Appearance -
Occupation Mother
Number of episodes -

Tara Gregson (daughter)

Charmaine Craine (daughter)

Bryce Craine (step-son)

Frank Craine (husband)

Kate Gregson (granddaughter)

Marshall Gregson (grandson)

Wheels (granddaughter)

Max Gregson (son-in-law)

Portrayed by Pamela Reed

Beverly Craine or Bev, is the mother of Tara an Charmaine and therefore the maternal grandmother of Kate, Marshall and Wheels and the mother-in-law of Max. She is married to Frank Craine and is seen as an antagonist character of season 2.

In season 1, Beverly and Frank make a visit for Charmaine's 34th birthday party. It's revealed later on that the true purpose of their visit was to take their grandchildren, Kate and Marshall at the time due to thinking that Tara was too unstable for her and Max to raise them. Stressed at this relevation, Tara transitions into her animalistic alter, Gimme and urinates on Frank in the middle of the night, making them believe Frank wet the bed due to old age. Max being only one who knew about Gimme at the time, takes advantage of the confusion calls out Frank out for his lack of self control and tells them off saying they have no right to question his and Tara's parenting, when they were horrible parents themselves.

In season 2, Beverly and Frank visit to help Charmaine prepare for her wedding. Tara, who's starting to get more memories from her past asks her mother about the recurring woman named Mimi. Unwilling to admit her failures as a parent, denies everything and claims that she was just a babysitter. When Alice, the alter that was based off Mimi appears, Beverly lets slip Mimi's full name, leading Tara to find and confront her past. After meeting Mimi, Tara and Charmaine find out that they were put in a foster home because they were being abused and that Mimi was their foster mother. Beverly admits during the wedding that Tara was molested by her half-brother and put them in foster care as a means to protect them until things were settled with Bryce

In season 3 Beverly makes a return without Frank. In order to wein Bev out of money, Neal calls Bev in order to visit her new grandchild, Cassandra and help buy baby supplies. During shopping with Charmaine and Neal, Bev reveals that she is actually broke due to sending Frank to a hospital to treat his Alzheimer's and was only using the two in a sole mission to see her grandbaby. The other reason for her visit was to make amends with Tara, but Tara doesn't want anything to do with her mother and even uses her alters as a means to avoid her. After convincing from Hatteras, Tara eventually confronts her mother as herself. Bev apologizes for her failures as a parents and Tara promises from now on that she will stay herself whenever she wants to talk.

She is classified as a guest character played by Pamela Reed across all three seasons.