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Bryce Craine
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 6, 1962 ("Crunchy Ice")
First Appearance "The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp"
Last Appearance "The Good Parts"
Occupation -
Number of episodes 6
Relatives -
Portrayed by Toni Collette

Bryce Craine is Tara's half-brother who molested her as a child. He was born as a result of Frank’s first marriage to Thelma Sakic. He was born in Kansas City, MO on December 6, 1962, making him 9 years older than Tara and 10 years older than Charmaine. He came to live with Frank and Beverly because Frank threatened to leave Beverley if she did not accept his son. It was during this time that Bryce molested Tara. Beverley separated Bryce from Tara and Charmaine and sent them to live with Mimi, a foster mother who only accepts children from serious abuse.

Dr. Hattaras describes him as a 14 year-old psychopath. Bryce's unnamed presence is first manifested in the season three premiere, when he types "you will not win" over and over on Tara's computer when Tara tries to write a term paper. He next emerges during a therapy session with Dr. Hattaras, a recording of which the doctor is seen transcribing, saying "you will not win." Bryce emerges in the episode "The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp" when he smashes a beer bottle and gouges Tara's arm with it. He finally emerges and names himself in the episode "Chicken 'n' Corn", telling Dr. Hattaras that he has murdered Chicken, and that Tara is next. He later kills Shoshana and Gimme.

Tara kills Bryce in the season finale, The Good Parts.

It's been revealed that the real Bryce Craine died by suicide, by way of gun shot on Christmas 2002 in Olathe, Kansas. In his obituary, it listed his survivors as Frank and Beverley, alluding that Thelma had passed before him.