United States of Tara Wiki

Gender Female
Date of Birth c. 1972
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance - The Good Parts
Occupation Ex-Vitamin sales-woman
Number of episodes 36

Tara (sister)

Wheels (daughter)

Beverly Craine (mother)

Frank Craine (father)

Bryce Craine (half brother)

Marshall (nephew)

Kate (niece)

Max (brother-in-law)

Nick (ex-fiancée)

Neil )fiancée)

Portrayed by Rosemarie DeWitt

Charmaine Craine (Rosemarie DeWitt ) is Tara's self-absorbed younger sister. She resents Tara for always being the center of attention and accuses her of faking her disorder. Cody wrote Charmaine as an antagonist because she wanted "a voice for the skeptics". She worked for a mail-order vitamin company before an incident involving one of Tara's alters caused her to lose her job. Her first husband pressured her into getting breast augmentation surgery, which resulted in deformed, lopsided breasts. She undergoes corrective surgery, and starts to bond with Buck , who takes care of her while she recovers. In the season 2 premiere she gets engaged. She also finds out she's pregnant and discovers the baby is Neil's, a short chubby ex boyfriend and friend of Max's , and admits to Tara that she is still attracted to him, while also in love with her tall, fit, handsome fiancé, Nick , who leaves her at the altar. She and Tara visit Mimi and, at the end of season 2 , Tara and Charmaine begin to understand that Charmaine's ignorance of the abuses she and Tara suffered as children is a result of Tara's protection of her sister, which is likely the cause of the formation or her earliest alters. Thanks to Kate's age being retconned to 19 in season 3, Charmaine has the first ever 4 year pregnancy. In the season 3 episode "Wheels" Charmaine gives birth to her daughter, whom Neil names Cassandra "Wheels" Kowalski .