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|season = Three
|season = Three
|number = Eight
|number = Eight
|image = File:UNITED-STATES-OF-TARA-The-Road-to-Hell-Is-Paved-With-Breast-Intentions-5.jpeg|270px
|image = File:UNITED-STATES-OF-TARA-Chicken-n-Corn-6.jpeg|270px
|imagewidth = 270
|imagewidth = 270
|airdate = May 16, 2011
|airdate = May 16, 2011

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Chicken 'n' Corn
Season Three, Episode Eight
Air date May 16, 2011
Written by Dave Finkel and Brett Baer
Directed by Craig Zisk
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The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp
Bryce Will Play

Tara Gregson has an incident at a corn maze which results in the manifestation of a new alter, Bryce Craine, who threatens Charmaine's baby. Kate Gregson invites Max Gregson and Marshall Gregson to meet Evan and his son in New York City.