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Chicken 'n' Corn
Season Three, Episode Eight
Air date May 16, 2011
Written by Dave Finkel and Brett Baer
Directed by Craig Zisk
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Episode Summary

The episode begins with Tara attempting to cover up the cut made in the previous episode with makeup when Marshall bursts in, happily announcing that his film has made it into the New York Film Festival. Tara is unable to go with him due to her midterms so Marshall asks Max who reluctantly agrees despite being afraid of flying.

Max and Tara are wandering through a corn maze listening to Charmaine complain about how the one time she and Wheels get out of the house, they get lost in a corn maze before pondering how anyone could find being lost enjoyable. Elsewhere in the maze, Marshall and Noah are discussing their successful film and Noah reveals that he is unable to go with Marshall due to money problems. He then asks Marshall if he had told Lionel about their achievement and Marshall says that he hasn`t before the two hold hands.


Toni Collette - Tara Gregson, Chicken, Alice, Bryce Craine

John Corbett - Max Gregson

Rosemarie Dewitt - Charmaine Craine

Keir Gilchrist - Marshall Gregson

Brie Larson - Kate Gregson

Eddie Izzard - Dr Jack Hattaras

Aaron Christian Howles - Noah Kane

Keir O`Donnell - Evan

Gillian Vigman - Abby

Griffin Gluck - Monty

George H. Brett - Himself


Chicken 'n' Corn is the eigth episode of Season Three of United States Of Tara and the 32nd episode overall