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Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance - Yes
Last Appearance - Torando
Occupation Student
Number of episodes 6

Marshall Gregson (ex-boyfriend)

Portrayed by Zosia Mamet

Courtney is a friend of Marshall Gregson with whom he experiments. She describes herself as being "straight but not narrow," and is involved with their school's literary journal.


Courtney and Marshall date for a short period of time, both of them exploring their sexualities with one another, and the two of them eventually have sex. This prompts Marshall to realize that he is gay. Marshall attempts, on multiple occasions, to break up with Courtney after he realizes as much, but none of them go well. (After his first attempt, she begins to cry, to which he replies that he was only kidding.) Courtney continually insists that they can be a "celibate power couple," which Marshall notes to Kate, and Kate deems the stupidest thing she's ever heard. He tells Kate he is afraid of breaking up with her, believig she will be traumatized if she finds out Marshall does not want to have sex with her. Eventually, with help of Hany and Lionel, Marshall finally breaks up with Courtney for real. She shows up at the Gregson home later on, with a black box reading "LIAR" on its sides on it, and tells him that it's a liar box, for liars. She then proceeds to pull momentos from their relationship out of the box, and throw them at Marshall, until he shouts at her and suggests that she was only with him (despite knowing that he is not attracted to her, romantically or sexually, at all) because she's too afraid of being rejected by someone that could legitimately care for her in that way. He inadvertedly insults Max, Tara, Kate and Charmaine which prompts Tara, who has already turned into Alice, to tranistion into Gimme. Courtney is confused and shocked and Max tells her to leave which she states she was also thinking of.

The LIAR box that Courtney gave to Marshall is used by Tara in her art show as the basis of her house sculpture.