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Crunchy Ice
Season Three, Episode Eleven
Air date June 13, 2011
Written by Ron Fitzgerald
Directed by Craig Zisk
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Tara Gregson's alters are disappearing and they are being killed off by Bryce Craine. Bryce Craine is going crazy and members of the Gregson family must leave to escape him. T, Alice and Buck say their goodbyes, but before he dies, Buck tells Tara Gregson that he found their half brother, who was named Bryce Craine, and he died in a mental hospital in 2002 due to suicide. Although he still sees his own grave Bryce still doesn't believe it's him and remains inside Tara. Marshall Gregson mourns the loss of Lionel Trane. When Bryce sees Marshall taking his photos of Lionel, he mocks him for this. Marshall doesn't listen to him and goes on his way and Alice appears to comfort Marshall, but is immediatley killed by Bryce and slaps Marshal. The two start to fight and Max breaks it up.