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Dr. Jack Hattaras
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Crackerjack
Last Appearance -
Occupation Psychology Professor
Number of episodes -
Relatives Tara Gregson (Student)
Portrayed by Eddie Izzard

Dr. Jack Hattarras (Eddie Izzard ) appears in season three as Tara's psychology professor. At first he is a DID skeptic, calling her a "delusional liar or an attention-seeking dramatist" in front of the class; however, after more observation he becomes fascinated withTara as a subject, leading him to further explore the condition in hopes of writing a book. In the episode "Bryce Will Play ", Bryce tries to murder Jack by spiking his food with crab, to which Dr. Hattarras is deathly allergic. Jack's boss forces Dr. Hattarras to withdraw from Tara's life. Dr. Hattarras proclaims before Tara leaves to consider him "converted", meaning he believes the legitimacy of DID.