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Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date April 25, 2011
Written by Elizabeth Benjamin
Directed by Penny Marshall
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Dr. Hattaras' Miracle Elixir is the fifth episode of season three.


Unable to stand the mean and cynical Dr. Hattaras anymore, Tara attempts to drop his psych class, but he proposes an alternative idea to allow her to be a case study of his that Tara's not entirely sure about. Meanwhile, new parents Charmaine and Neil are finding out that raising a baby is harder than it looks. Despite Tara's attempts to help, Charmaine remains committed to keeping Tara away from the baby. Max is having trouble in his new job and finds himself at odds with his new boss. Kate begins Flight Attendant training classes and she finds herself alongside an incompetent and dim-witted trainee named Daisy, and a tough veteran trainer named Bunny. Also, Lionel walks in on Marshall and Noah being suspiciously close and flirty, leaving their relationship and their entry to the New York High School Film Festival in jeopardy.