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Gender Unknown
Date of Birth -
First Appearance "Transition"
Last Appearance "Dept. of F'd Up Family Services"
Occupation -
Number of episodes -
Relatives -
Portrayed by Toni Collette

Gimme first appeared at the end of episode six of season one, but its existence was foreshadowed on multiple occasions before, mostly by Alice. It is first mentioned three episodes earlier, as Alice finds the word "Gimme" written on the bathroom wall. However, she instantly uses a hand towel to erase it thanks to her perfectionist behavior before transitioning back to Tara. Gimme is not so much of a human than an animalistic expression of pure id. It is very destructive, and makes awful screams. Max was the first to see it, urinating on Tara's father in the middle of the night. The first time Gimme appeared in public was four episodes later at a spa trip — Tara mentioned before that being touched (except by Max) makes her uncomfortable. The third and most recent time Gimme has been shown is after Marshall's monologue where he goes off on Courtney. According to interviews with the cast and crew, it was the one who broke into Tiffany's house and vandalized the mural Tara was doing for her, although this would mean it at least has limited literary skills. In the season three episode "Bryce Will Play" Gimme is killed by Bryce. Bryce pins up Gimme's poncho and viciously stabs it.