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Kate Gregson
Gender Female
Date of Birth c. 1989

(retconned to 1987 in Season 3)

First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance -
Occupation Student
Fast food restaurant employee
Debt collector
Flight Attendant
Number of episodes 12
Relatives Tara Gregson (mother)

Max Gregson (father)
Marshall Gregson (brother)
Charmaine (aunt)
Beverly Craine (Grandmother)
Frank Craine (Grandfather)
Evan (Boyfriend)

Portrayed by Brie Larson

Kate Gregson (Brie Larson ) is Tara and Max's troubled 15 year old teenage daughter. Kate works in a local outlet of a chain family restaurant in season 1 . She briefly enters into a casual relationship with her manager, Gene , but grows uncomfortable with his advances and initiates a sexual harassment complaint against him. Also, their relationship is criminal because she's a minor. She received her high school diploma early and then worked at a collection agency. In her free time she smoked marijuana withMarshall and made super heroine videos with her friendLynda . She briefly did internet peep shows as Princess Valhalla Hawkwind in exchange for gifts on her online gift registry. She soon stopped, when she met a man named Zac (over the internet in a webcam chat), and started dating him, but she broke things off near the end of season 2 . She is eager to leave town and find a new, alters-free life elsewhere yet she is ultimately unable to abandon her mother in her unending personal crisis. In season 3 , she plans to teach English in Japan but abruptly changes career goals, taking a job as an airline stewardess instead. She meets a man while working, Evan, and engages in a long-distance relationship with him.  They continue the relationship past season 3. She is retconned as being 19 in Season 3 despite the show taking course over a 6 month period.