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Marshall Gregson
Gender Male
Date of Birth c. 1990
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance -The Good Parts
Occupation Student
Number of episodes 36

Tara Gregson (Mother)

Max Gregson(Father)

Kate Gregson(Sister)


Beverly Craine (Grandmother)


Craine (Grandfather)

Wheels (cousin)

Courtney (ex-girlfriend)

Lionel Trane (ex-boyfriend)

Noah (boyfriend)

Portrayed by Keir Gilchrist

Marshall Gregson (Keir Gilchrist ) is Tara and Max's son, and the "baby" of the family. He is old-fashioned, loves classic films and wants to be a director when he grows up. Creator Diablo Cody has addressed Marshall's being gay as "just matter-of-fact" and "definitely wasn't intended as any sort of plot point." Though the family is supportive of Marshall, Buck is slightly homophobic and often makes disparaging remarks; Cody thought "it would be really fun" to have the dichotomy of Tara being "incredibly supportive" while Buck is "kind of a homophobe", though "he actually does love Marshall." Tara's pet name for Marshall is "Marshmallow," while Kate endearingly calls him "Moosh." He crushes on Jason , an older boy at his school. The two kiss but after an incident with T , Jason ends things with Marshall. During the first season he develops a pill addiction but the plot never returns to the issue. He then begins to date a girl, Courtney . However, after having sex with her, Marshall comes to realize he is gay. Marshall gets a boyfriend in season 2, Lionel, his openly gay best friend and first official boyfriend. In season 3 Marshall and Lionel break up and Marshall begins a relationship with Noah, a new classmate. Gilchrist has been praised for his portrayal, and singled out as "the real breakout star ... [his] expressive, trusting face will definitely break your heart in some scenes".