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Max Gregson
Gender Male
Date of Birth c. 1970
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance From This Day Forward
Occupation Landscaping
Number of episodes 24
Relatives Tara (wife)

Kate (daughter)
Marshall (son)
Charmaine (sister-in-law)

Portrayed by John Corbett

Max Gregson is Tara's husband. He is calm and level-headed when it comes to Tara's disorder; The New Yorker called him "a member of that strange breed of TV husband that exhibits infinite patience". After being married to Tara for 17 years, "it's no longer a shock to [Max] when he comes home and finds Buck in the kitchen drinking a beer". Max searches for Tripp Johanson, the man he believes victimized Tara in boarding school. Initially Tara opposes this but in episode 11 decides she too wants to find Tripp. Max runs a landscape business called Four Winds Landscaping in Overland Park which he sells to Orgalawn in season 3.