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Mimi Parmeter
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance
Last Appearance To Have and to Hold
Occupation Foster Mother
Number of episodes

Tara Gregson (Foster Child)

Charmaine Craine(Foster Child)

Dwayne (Husband)

Portrayed by Kathleen Noone

Mimi Parmeter is the former foster mother of Tara and Charmaine, as well as numerous other children. Tara begins to have visions of Mimi and she and Charmaine decide to seek her out.


Tara begins to have visions of she and Charmaine as children and all of these visions include a woman named Mimi. Shoshana believes that the Hubbard house is causing these visions and Tara asks her sister if she remembers Mimi, Charmaine states that she hasn't. They both confront Bev about Mimi's identity but she feigns ignorance and lies, saying that Mimi may have been babysitting for her and Frank a few times. It is then that Tara learns Mimi's surname: Parmeter which allows Kate to find out her address. Tara decides to go and visit Mimi, hoping it will help her find out about her past and Charmaine decides to go along with her. When they pull up outside Mimi`s home, they realize that it is the exact same as the house Tara designed for Linda's art show in the episode: Explosive Diorama. Both Tara and Charmaine are shocked at the resemblence despite the fact Tara had never seen the house before.

They ring the doorbell and they meet Mimi for the first time. It is clear to both Tara, Charmaine and Max that Alice was based on Mimi. Mimi explains that she was actually the girls' foster mother and that Frank and Bev had sent them to live with her when they were quite young. Suddenly, Mimi`s husband Dwayne appears and Tara immediately transitions into T who claims that he molested her and Charmaine; a lie since he was not at the foster home at the same time as they were. Max arrives and Tara then transitions into Chicken, a new alter who represents Tara's five year old self. Max carries Chicken to the car and Mimi holds Charmaine back, telling her that only children who suffered extreme abuse were put into her care.


It is clear from her voice, clothes and mannerisms that Tara's alter Alice was based on Mimi.

Mimi appears as a recurring character throughout the episodes prior to: To Have and to Hold however, she only appears in Tara's visions and you never see her face. Her only physical appearence is in To Have and to Hold.

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