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Neil Kowalski
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Occupation Landscaper
Number of episodes

Wheels (Daughter)

Max (Friend)

Tara (Friend)

Portrayed by Patton Oswalt

Neil Kowalski (Patton Oswalt ) is Max's former co-worker at Four Winds Landscaping and friend who once had a fling with Charmaine . He becomes angry after finding out about Charmaine's engagement, since he still has feelings for her. When he finds out Charmaine's baby is his, he advises her to get an abortion but terminates his rights after Charmaine refuses. He planned on moving to Odessa, Texas saying since he can't have Charmaine there's no reason to stay. It is assumed he won't be leaving, however, after Max alerts him to the fact that Nick left Charmaine at the altar and the wedding did not happen. Charmaine , still in her wedding dress, agrees to go out for drinks with Neil after noting that she will not be consuming alcohol due to being pregnant with their daughter. In Season 3 , Neil is left unemployed when Max sells his business and the new bosses make him cut Neil loose; Charmaine is angry at his lack of ambition and leaves him hurt when she says "This why we would never work." Charmaine gives birth to their daughter in the episode "Wheels " and Neil names her Cassandra "Wheels" Kowalski . Neil takes a job with his brother selling farm equipment.