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Season One, Episode One
Air date January 18, 2009
Written by Diablo Cody
Directed by Craig Gillespie
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Tara has discovered her teenage daughter's morning after pill prescription. After speaking into a camera, she takes off all her clothes walking down the hall. Kate comes home to findT, the alter she is closest with, looking through Kate's clothes. Max comes home, not that surprised to findT instead of Tara , and neither is their son, Marshall . Charmaine comes over, annoyed that plans with her sister are broken sinceT has taken over. In the garage with Max , Charmaine expresses that she doesn't feel her dissociative identity disorder is legitimate. Later that night, T and Max share a brief moment of lust on the sofa. Max stops it, since Tara is not comfortable with him having sex with the alters , and makes T go to the shed, where she calms down and changes back to Tara . Kate meets up with her Visual Kei boyfriend and explains her mom's condition to him. The next morning, Tara drives by Kate's school and catches her boyfriend pushing her around, and she gets out to confront him in front of everyone, with zero success at all. This episode pushes her into becoming Buck . When Marshall and Max find Buck , they are intimidated, but convince him to go to a dance recital Kate is performing in that night. After the show,Buck starts a fight with the boyfriend for what Tara saw earlier. Marshall discovers why Buck is beating him up and joins. The episode ends with the family bowling, and Buck and Marshall having a moment.