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In the series finale, Tara finally confronts her last surviving alter, Bryce. After jumping off the bridge, Tara has a confrontation with Bryce in her mind and "kills" him. Max wants Tara to go to the institution in Kansas City, but she convinces him to let her go to the doctor in Boston that Hatteras recommended. Tara tries to get everyone to have one last family dinner before she goes. The dinner does not go as planned-Marshall is still angry with Tara and Max flips out when they ask him to make a speech. He screams and hurls the turducken at the wall. Kate tells Evan that although she would like to be with him, she must stay home in Kansas with Marshall while Tara and Max are in Boston for three months. Meanwhile, Neil eases Charmaine's fears about Houston, and she proposes to him. After jokingly refusing, he accepts. Marshall finally forgives Tara and visits a memorial for Lionel. As Tara is about to get in Max's pickup truck to head to Boston, she sees T, Alice, and Buck silently sitting in the bed of the truck, battered and bruised, but definitely still alive. As Max and Tara drive away, Tara embraces the future. On a more subtle note, Tara sticks her head out of the window to enjoy the warm sun and moving air. She transitions (she does the long blink) into Buck, then Alice, then T, and then herself, letting all of her alters "embrace the future" so to speak.

The Good Parts
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